Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still taking time... dream!

(note from the secretary: this image was drawn in the Parisian metro line n° 6, which is partly running not in a tunnel but on the surface, high above the river Seine and the roads nearby. It is a wonderful ride but a very bumpy one, don't know why, much bumpier than the line n° 9 which we take every day...)

Anmerkung der Sekretärin: Dieses Bild wurde in der Metrolinie N° 6 gezeichnet, die teilweise nicht im Tunnel sonder über Land verlaeuft, hoch über der Seine. Eine wunderbare Aussicht hat man da, aber die Strecke ist irgendwie besonders ruckelig! Ruckeliger (gibt's das Wort?) als die N° 9 die wir sonst jeden Tag nutzen.

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Andrea and Kim said...

Oh, how lovely! And I can see you are looking forward to spring, to be sure! You know, since you said so, I can see the "bumpy-ness", but it works so well with this drawing! I love it!

And Miss Doodle, you have a really fun skirt! :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I think Miss Doodle is thinking of some WARMTH. Her own tropical Island maybe?. I wouldnt have known you had a bumpy ride as it looks perfectly natural. Lovely drawing.

human being said...

Seems bumpy roads have got better views... more romantic.

Like you, I love such tiny green islands, Miss Doodle.

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh, I would love a vacation with Ms. Doodle as my companion. She seems to know how to have fun wherever she goes.