Friday, March 28, 2008

Miss Doodle's Friday Fashion Page

For you, Miss Doodle will present a special fashion page each Friday, beginning today.

Here we go, these garments in red, orange, brick, ocre tones are all Miss Doodle Creations, proudly presented by the designer herself. Inspiration was a flashback into a former life as the mistress of Charles de Batz-Castelmore, Comte d'Artagnan:)

Ab heute gibt es hier jeden Freitag eine Fashion-Seite von Miss Doodle. Die von der Designerin höchstpersönlich vorgestellten Modelle sind alle exclusive Miss Doodle Modelle. Die Inspiration beruht auf dem Traum von einem früheren Leben als die Geliebte Charles de Batz- Castelmores, besser bekannt als d'Artagnan:)

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Andrea and Kim said...

Ohhh, Miss Doodle, my love! You are incredible and do get around in the most incredible circles! Seriously, Dahling! I can see you have been quite inspired by your former life and to share (some of) that with us is very generous, indeed.

Now I am particularly attracted to the capes you have designed! I love the other pieces, too, but it is the capes which bring a lot of finesse to these outfits!

I am now very much looking forward to these Friday Fashion Pages! Grand Idea...

Don't forget to give your secretary some time for herself, my dear!

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh Miss Doodle what a lovely fashion show. I am particularly intrigued with the Mallard & Drake plastic duck necklace. :) Don't you just LOVE it AND that name? lol
Thanks Miss D's secretary. :)

sukipoet said...

Miss Doodle. You have led an amazing past life! I love your fashions esp the outfit in the left hand corner but any would do. Can you design me a new look wardrobe?? Something sophisticated and very Parisian of course. As all of these seem to be.

Lynn Cohen said...

So this makes me wonder, does this mean you (the artist) dress so fashionably, or is it your wish to fantize such a wardrobe for yourself? How close in tune is Ms. Doodle's life to that of her artist?
I am in awe of all these clothes. Her closet must be HUGE!

human being said...

Wow! All of them are gorgeous!
Kim is right. The capes add a special beauty to them.
And I go with the one on top the left hand corner.
Miss Doodle, the variety of your designs is amazing.

Jill Smith said...

Mss Doodle, love the fashion page and you have reminded me of the drawings l did at ten because l was gong to be a fashion designer like Mary Quant and Zandra Rhodes.
The waistcoat and cropped trousers are my favorite, would you Miss Doodle design my summer clothes.
Peace to you and the secretary,
Jill UK