Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time for recreation - Zeit für eine schöpferische Pause

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Note from the secretary:

Miss Doodle needs a recreation, she has settled in her favourite chair with a new mystery novel "The dead bodies in my closet" (on the right side of the chair which is a leather fauteuil, you can see the Cat Meow's artistic scratchwork )
Have a nice day
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Anmerkung der Sekretärin:

Miss Doodle braucht heute eine schöpferische Pause. Nun sitzt sie in ihrem Lieblingssessel, eine Tasse Tee neben sich, liest einen neuen Krimi: "Die Leichen in meinem Kleiderschrank", und möchte bitte auf keinen Fall gestört werden.

Bitte schaut doch morgen wieder herein, ja?

Schönen Tag noch.


sukipoet said...

Hello Miss doodle. Glad to see you relaxing. Let me know if the mystery is any good?? I love to read mysteries.

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, Miss Doodle...I think we all need a creative break once in a while. I think being able to enjoy the creativity of others stimulates our own, too. Don't you?

I hope your secretary is also taking a creative break as she has been working very hard lately!

Thank you, dear Miss Doodle, for sharing your "down time" with us, too!

human being said...

How cosy!
Relaxing in that comfortable armchair reading and drinking tea.. coffee?

And a 'pause' is not an end but a beginning ... a fresh one.
Have a nice day!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

ah one of my favorite pass times. I love a good mystery too and I too have some catartistic marks on my chairs too. lol Enjoy your reading Miss Doodle.

Anonymous said...

bravo c'est absolument superbe !

Lynn Cohen said...

I see she has her head buried in this book, it must be very intriguing. Good that she takes so much time for herself to relax.

Cathie said...

Out of all the Ms. Doodles thus far -- I have to say - this one is my very favorite as I keep coming back to it.