Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31st, 2008 - dip dip dip

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Wet, Sunday was very wet. Please disregard the notation on the top of the page, Miss Doodle's
secretary omitted to erase her "to do" list from the painting...

Ein sonnenschöner Samstag und dann ein supernasser Sonntag. Hier seht Ihr Miss Doodle beim Wassersammeln für den Sommer. Bitte nicht lesen, was oben links steht, das hat die Sekretärin vergessen zu löschen...

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Mary Richmond said...

oh i love this on so many levels! it may be my fave so far and i have so many! i think these just get better and better!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Wow! This is a great illustration! In spite of the very gray and gloomy feeling of the deluge of rain, the colors are incredible! Really lovely work!

You just bring joy even when most people are feeling gloomy! There is so much kindness in your secretary's work, Miss Doodle!


sukipoet said...

A fun way to think about rain. Or are you saying Miss Doodle is dippy?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh how charming is this drawing. It captures a gray rainy day so well. I LOVE IS a great illustration.
I tried to get on to comment this morning but it wouldnt let me. grumble grumble. lol

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Mary: thanks so much, this was drawn Friday night on the metro,it rained heavily outside. Saturday was very sunny but I hadn't time to colour the drawing until Sunday, when the rain was pouring again down on the city :)

Kim, thanks for your always enthousiastic comments!

Suki, Miss Doodle dippy? :):):)
With you, my vocabulary gets bigger and bigger, had to look this up in the dictionnary which says things like twisted, crackers, haywire:), mental and ....crazy LOL

Grumbling Cris: I hope that today you'll get a better connection, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog

human being said...

Wow! Look at the colors!
Is it the magic of rain giving such a luminosity to all the colors?

Unknown said...

Human Being, I guess it is also the scanner which enhances the brightness of the colours even more, not only the rain:) thanks so much for your comment
Miss Doodle's secretary