Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st, 2008 - The French Day to Day World....

is still capable to astonish Miss Doodle's secretary!

Yesterday morning:

She has an appointment with her dentist at 10 am, so she leaves home at 9.20 which is ok if nothing unforeseen happens. Miss Doodle's secretary is almost always punctual but never early, time is measured:)

So: here she is, she just arrived at the bus station a minute ago and there is the Bus showing up! Lucky she is and she thinks: Oh thank you, heaven, for sending me this bus right now, I am always lucky, thank you, thank you...

Next thing the bus rushes past, the secretary, aghast, raises her arm but the driver (a woman!) doesn't even look her way. By the way, Miss Doodle is in that bus.

Fuming, the secretary has to wait for the next bus. Which arrives 7 minutes later, which means that she'll be late.

Still quite pissed (sorry for the bad language) she asks the driver about why the previous busdriver hasn't stopped and he says: "But, my Lady, this is logical: you should have made a sign with your hand! By the way, this is written on the bus-stations and in the busses:

"Good bustaking practise n°1: make a sign with your hand when the bus arrives".

See? It is logical...."

Well, the secretary (somewhat stubborn) doesn't see the logic. She indeed admits having read these instructions, but hasn't she been standing at that bus station like a conspicuous tower and what could a person standing conspicuously at a bus station, want but a ride????

Luckily, the dentist was 7 minutes late:)

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Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved
Der französische Alltag birgt immer noch Überraschungen für Miss Doodles Sekretärin.
Zahnarzttermin um 10, d.h. die Sekretärin geht um 9.20 Uhr aus dem Haus, genügend Zeit wenn nichts dazwischen kommt. Die Sekretärin ist ein relativ pünktlicher Mensch, es darf aber nichts schiefgehen.
Sie kommt an die Bushaltestelle, eine Minute später kommt schon der Bus und sie denkt: Oh fein, danke lieber Gott, dass Du mir gleich den Bus geschickt hast, das klappt ja prima.
Da rauscht der Bus einfach an ihr vorbei, sie hat kaum Zeit den Arm zu haben, und schon ist er weit weg! Genervt wartet sie auf den nächsten Bus, der kommt 7 Minuten später. Immer noch sauer, fragt sie den Busfahrer, aus welchem guten Grund der vorige Bus sie wohl nicht mitgenommen haben könnte...
Der Busfahrer sagt: Meine Dame, das ist doch logisch. Sie müssen ein Handzeichen machen. Steht doch überall, gucken Sie hier, ein Aufkleber, da steht:
"Wie man sich beim Busfahren richtig verhält, Regel n°1: Wenn der Bus kommt, müssen Sie ein Handzeichen machen".
Die Sekretärin, (leicht stur:) findet das überhaupt nicht logisch. Was kann jemand, der wie ein Aussichtsturm weithin sichtbar an einer Bushaltestelle steht, wohl wollen?
Zum Glück war der Zahnarzt 7 Minuten zu spät:)


sukipoet said...

I totally love these drawing.

The story reminds me of when I was in junior high and waiting for the school bus on the first day of school. It drove right past me. My mom was waiting nearby in the car so she drove me to school. I returned home on that bus with kids I knew from elementary school. I rode the bus for many weeks but it turned out the reason the bus hadn't stopped was that was not the bus they wanted me to ride. Meanwhile that bus driver had to go way out of his way to drop me home. Eventually they made me change buses so I was on the right one.

Cathie said...

I giggle at the appearance of Ms. Doodle as her poor, pitiful secretary is standing in the rain waving her arm at the passing bus! Whatever will she do????

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Suki - oh I can imagine how you must have felt then. In a child, things like that trigger emotions 5 times bigger (well, that's what I thought:) than in adults, no? Anyway, one doesn't feel very much loved;)

Cathie: Don't you giggle,;) it was not raining, thank god:) LOL

human being said...

Sure it is logical! Not what he says but what SHE says.
Dear secretary, sometimes logic doesn't work!
Love the paintings! So impressive.

Unknown said...

Human Being, thanks for your comment and I feel better now:) There is not only one logic (the French one) in this world:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh No! That had to be a terrible experience! I am so happy it all worked out, but sorry it caused so much trouble!

On the other hand, it made a great story and the paintings are wonderful ...capturing all the emotions and the feeling of the day!

Thank goodness for late dentists!

Thank you Andrea! It is always a treat to visit You and Miss Doodle!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I chuckle quietly. :)
But had SHE been a man I bet HE would have stopped. :)
How could one NOT know you wanted the bus to stop standing there like that. arrgh.
I too hate to be late & have rushed like mad to get somewhere only to have beat the person I was to have met. :)
But IT DID make a good story and wonderful watercolor drawing. AFTER THE FACT OF COURSE. :)

Unknown said...

Kim and Cris: We always learn something, isn't it, from experiences like this, where we feel akward, left in the lurch:) I'll raise my hand in the future, although I don't really like that gesture, (some repulsion versus my people's history?;)...

Jill Smith said...

I am so sorry about you missing the bus, of course it wasn't you wrong, it was the sillylady who needs glasses to when shesaw yu waiting, if you had it put your arm out the silly lady might have knocked it of as she never saw you so she would never have seen your arm, so you tell them what l said.

Jill Smith said...

Sorry Miss Doodle l forgot to edit my email as l was so cross you had been treated so badly,

Jill Smith said...

I am so sorry, i was so cross that you had been teated like that l forgot it had not been edited, can you forgive me,

Lynn Cohen said...

This is so funny and clever. And oh so well drawn and painted.
You are too much. I hope the dentist was kinder to the secretary than the woman bus driver was. I can think of a hand gesture you might use...but she probably wouldn't stop for that sign either! ;-(