Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday January 28th - Benedictine Abbey / Abbaye Bénédictine

Miss Doodle's Secretary is working on two very different paintings for an entry in an exhibition in Germany in March this year. Miss Doodle presents you a sneek preview:)Miss Doodle visiting the Benedictine Abbey St. Mary in Fulda, Germany.

La secrétaire de Miss Doodle travaille sur deux peintures très différentes en vue d'une exposition en Allemagne au mois de mars. Miss Doodle vous présente une "sneak preview":
Miss Doodle en visite à l'Abbaye Bénédictine St. Marie à Fulda en Allemagne.

St. Mary's Abbey is a Benedictine nunnery in Fulda, Hesse, Germany.
It was founded in 1626. Its first decades were very troubled as a result of the
Thirty Years' War: the sisters often had to flee from enemy troops and the abbey was looted several times.
The nunnery was able to evade destruction during the secularisation of 1802 by turning itself into a girls' school. During the
Kulturkampf, the sisters went into exile in France from 1875 to 1887. In 1898, the nunnery was elevated to the status of abbey. In 1942, although most religious houses in Germany were commandeered by the National Socialists, the nuns were able to avoid eviction by offering the use of most of the premises to the Wehrmacht.
After becoming closer in their way of life over a period of many years to the
Beuronese Congregation within the Benedictine Confederation, the abbey finally became a member in 1982.
The nuns engage in various handicrafts, run the abbey shop and have built a compost activator.

L'abbaye bénédictine de Fulda fut fondée pour la mission dans le Nord de la Germanie. Elle prit son essor après 754 lorsqu'elle devint, en étant le lieu de la sépulture de St Boniface, une sorte de sanctuaire national pour les Germains. Une grande basilique fut construite, entre 791 et 819, sur le modèle de St-Pierre de Rome dont l'influence était grande à Fulda.
L'école de Fulda commença de devenir florissante sous Charlemagne et
Alcuin et elle fut développée par Raban Maure. Connue alors dans toute l'Europe, elle apporta au monde germanique les oeuvres de l'Antiquité et les commentaires des Ecritures.


Heidi Alfonzo said...

Lovely! Though it's a simple design, you ace the who feeling of perspective. Well done!

ArtistUnplugged said...

Thanks for the it. The painting is lovely and my favorite part are the arches in perspective.

Jerry OX said...

toujours une merveille ce lieu !! les mots et les lithographies me comblent !! je te souhaite une divine semaine ainsi qu'une douce soirée !

sukipoet said...

this sounds like a wonderful place to have a show.

Andrea and Kim said...

I love this painting of you in the Abbey, Miss Doodle. Do you know how talented your secretary is, my dear? She has a wonderful way of sharing so much knowledge about so many lovely places and you are lucky to get to help her out.

I do wish your secretary the very best of luck with the show in March...shhhh, just in time for her birthday! :)

Thank You, Miss Doodle!

mariga(z) said...

Quel superbe dessin !! et miss Doodle quelle élégante pour aller visiter l'abbaye ;)) Quel manteau très chic !

La secrétaire de Miss Doodle va être super occupée alors avec ses expos ! En tout cas je suis ravie pour toi pour tout ce succès :))

Mim said...

I love the perspective - it looks like it goes on forever and along with the story, gives a sense of forever-ness

Paula In Pinetop said...

Miss Doodle is such a fashion forward kinda gal. Love her outfit.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Cant wait to see what else your secretary is working on. Interesting history.

Anonymous said...

une expo... bravo ! en regardant le dessin, j'avais cru un instant qu'il s'agissait du métro. Finalement le métro, c'est aussi un peu une cathédrale.