Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday October 23, 2008 - Windowshopping

Oh, only 1400 Euro for this fancy coat...hmmm....(considering that what is called the SMIC in France is a kind of minimum wage of about 1300 euro per months taxes not yet payed)...

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sukipoet said...

I love this painting of Miss Doodle drooling over lovely expensive fashions. I know she loves clothes. Unique clothes. I know that feeling of wanting something that is out of reach financially. Hmmm, but maybe window shopping is a second best to owning. And remember, these lovely items may soon be crowding the thrift store shelves when the wealthy discard their twice worn garments. :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

These are fun. I love window shopping. not really to own but I used to like to get ideas and go home and copy something on my own machine. I dont sew much anymore but like to still get ideas for other things in my life.
suki is right. soon to be in thrift shops from the Rich and famous. :)Boy I wish I knew where that thrift shop is. :))

Andrea and Kim said...

Miss Doodle, you are quite the fashion addict or maybe you are a buyer for the wealthy (or I would bring up another subject, but we are not going to do that on your blog).

I love to shop for clothes, too, but only with my daughter. Of course it is the budget which also gets to me. I don't spend this kind of money, and sometimes I also will gather inspiration to create something for myself.

Now, today 1400.00 euros is about 1775.00 US dollars. Minimum wage will get you less than $1200 a month in most states before taxes, so you are right it is a bit out of the budget of the minimum wage worker. :) But contemplation is free, right?

Thanks Miss Doodle

Cathie said...

Ms. Doodle is window shopping - how lovely. What is she shopping for?

I do hope she will be putting on a Halloween Costume for us. You do celebrate Halloween in Paris, No?
Oh, Gizmo wants Oscar to come and see his scary picture on my blog. Do show it to him, won't you? And Beware!!!

human being said...

to buy or not to buy
that is the question
wonderful painting

Jerry OX said...

always beautiful on your home !! i like the pictures ans the amazing colors who made a lot of blue sky on the minds !!!

Vic said...

Your doodles are lovely and I am greately intrigued by the simplicity and lovely grasp you have with art. I am getting ready to go to college and I am looking into art and I have been looking for some inspiration I love what you have. Thank you for sharing your artwork!

Anonymous said...

You should make up "Miss Doodle" magnetic paper doll sets....then we could all have fashion fun with her on our kitchen appliances. Seriously, this would be so cool.