Saturday, February 23, 2008

Self-portraits and spring-leaf

For her friends, Miss Doodle takes more pictures today. Two self-portraits for those who have not seen her yet, and pictures of the first new leaf, symbol of spring.

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sukipoet said...

Oh Miss Doddle. YOu are so glamorous. And thank you for clicking the first spring leaf. What a joy.

human being said...

Miss Doodle, glad to see your close-up. You've got such a lovely and innocent face... The subjects you choose to photograph show how artistic and beautiful your soul is.
You have spring in your pics, in your clothes (so lively!) and in YOU.

Andrea and Kim said...

A brilliant woman you are, Miss Doodle! I love, love, love your skirts and your beauty shows through so nicely in your self-portrait!

Ah, and sharing the first spring leaf with us was so thoughtful! I had a feeling spring was in the air in Paris! Thanks to you, now I know!

Have another BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Miss Doodle your natural ablitities amaze me. You really have an eye for detail. and I want that little green dress your wearing taking pictures. :) You should do a fashion show, you'd be a natural.

Unknown said...

Dear Miss Doodle Fans, Miss Doodle thinks that everybody should own such a little green dress, she is working on this idea!
Miss Doodle's Creative Secretary

Sue Bleiweiss said...

Miss Doodle you always make me smile and don't you look smashing in those butterfly pants!

Mary Richmond said...

I love Miss Doodle's posture and attitude. Just want to say, you go, girl!!!

Lynn Cohen said...

This little lady brings smiles to my face.
What a juxiposition after reading your homeless drawing post. Whew.

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

I love your doodles! This one with the Spring leaf is so funny because it is true. All gardeners cannot wait until Spring arrives and checking buds on trees and sprouts from anywhere is thrilling. You have captured the heart of a true gardener. Well done.