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Sunday, February 24, 2008

February 24th, 2008 - Sunday, Balloon Message Day

Miss Doodle wonders: will there ever be peace on earth?

She sends a message attached to a balloon which says "Peace begins now, in your heart. Stop fighting, this is an order".

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Forever Young said...

oh god if only someone would hear her, and we can have some peace on earth, go miss doodle go!

sukipoet said...

Peace to you Miss Doodle and to everyone. I guess we often think peace begins with the other guy. But it begins with us, in the present moment. I have always love that 60's gesture of holding up two fingers and saying peace instead of goodbye. So peace to you.

Cris in Oregon said...

Miss Doodle, What a nobel thing you think and do. If everyone would think the same way what a better world we would live in.

Chris Bolmeier said...

Miss Doodle can spread the message of peace if anyone can. Pray for peace everyone please.
Chris Bolmeier

Kim said...

Please Miss Doodle! Let your message be heard! So many people want this to happen! You are a wise, wise woman!

Peace to Everyone from the depth of my heart!

human being said...

Keep up the good job, Miss Doodle. Never give up!
Peace to you who give peace to others.

Sue B said...

Miss Doodle you are a wise and thoughtful person and that is a very good question that you have asked.