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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 26th, 2008 - Miss Doodle Grande Photographe

Today Miss Doodle is doing a photo-reportage about two famous sites in Paris, the Trocadero, and the Eiffeltower. She loves the golden statues at the Trocadero and the breathtaking view of the Eiffeltower and takes many pictures.

In the afternoon she takes a stroll in the Jardin du Luxembourg. There are flowerbulbs and buds everywhere, some birds making nests, some already nursing their babybirds.

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Sue B said...

What a wonderful part of the world you live in Miss Doodle.

sukipoet said...

Miss Doodle, thank you for your standing on the footstool view of Paris in the spring. O La La. Wish I were there. The song says April in Paris but almost March seems pretty good to me.

Kim said...

Miss Doodle! You are so good at finding excellent places to explore your art! Wow! Photography is an art form I love so very much, so I can understand your excitement about it!

It sounds as thought spring is bursting forth in Paris, so you will be busy with your art over the next little while. But I imagine you never run out!

Peace to you my friend!

Cris in Oregon said...

Spring is coming and Miss Doodle you have captured the beauty of Paris in spring..or almost spring. :) Love the bird on its egg. :)

Mary Richmond said...

ooh la la! Such wonderful energy and grace....and I'm so jealous you already have little birds and budding is still very gray and wintry in my little part of the world....

human being said...

Oh, Miss Doodle I love your cosmic view. You see not only the surface of the world (people, buildings ,etc.) but you see and understand all the creatures even those underground. This makes you a unique artist.
Love your art.


I adore Miss Doodle!
We could all learn lots from her!
Great, fun work!