Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 17th, 2008 - Design and Fluffs

Usually on Sundays, Miss Doodle likes to work. So this last Sunday she experimented with some minimalistic strokes. She painted carved sticks and whirls and loops and zigzags and points and dots and circles. She put them together to form stripes.

She tested the sticks, walked with them a bit, used a whirl as rocking chair.
She built a box with the stripes and a "lintball-man" with the dots.

When all was done, she went to bed and dreamed. She dreamed about Paris, it's attractions, the underground...there was a dead-end road in the metrotunnel, no metro but an expensive persian carpet at the spot where normally the rails are. She likes the carpet!

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Andrea and Kim said...

Miss Doodle, your energy is amazing! I can tell you love your work so very much and are so very creative. I think your world looks like the most wonderful place to be....full of art and kindness!

I am so grateful you have chosen to visit us all here in blog world. I always look forward to the special reminders you bring with a smile on your tiny little face!

sukipoet said...

Miss doodle. YOu are so original. Drawing sticks and dots then walking with them or sitting on them or making balls out of them. Your dream of the Persian Carpeted Metro ....wonder what that means?? Be well

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a fun busy life you lead Miss Doodle. Was that a magic Carpet ride you went on? Much more romantic riding one then the over crowded noisy metro. Keep on Dreaming. :)

human being said...

You are so imaginative, Miss Doodle! That's why your vehicle is not an ordinary train but a flying carpet! It can take you to the land of impossibles....
Then you can circle the world with a circle and square opposite things with each other.
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Great comments, oh my dear blogfriends!

Love the idea of the flying carpet in the land of the impossible. Miss Doodle circling the worl;

Anonymous said...

Miss Doodle,

You are such a poet!

Enjoy your carpet rides...

Miss Doodle, maybe you can come and visit me sometimes. We can sit on the magical carpet together, have tea and fly around the world. :)