Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bagle-Noses versus Bagle-heads


These days young people in Tokyo (and at other places I guess) have their foreheads inflated with I don"t know what kind of liquid. (I spare you the link to the pictures, as they may have a shocking effect on you :)

Next the "inflator" presses his thumb into the forehead, such creating a dent. Now the forehead looks like a BAGLE.

Here are Miss Doodle's suggestion for alternative nosejobs:)


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Too Funny..What people wont do to themselves. :))

Lynn Cohen said...

Never heard of bagel foreheads! I'll keep my nose with the two holes it already has thank you very much.

Hi! come visit me at my blog! I miss you there!

Karen Smithey said...

Okay, I just did a Google search on bagel heads and--Yuck! They look like an alien or something!


I believe some people in Hollywood have their own version of this with their 'bagel-lips'. :0

Linda Roberson said...

Andrea--I know a Palacio--a very unusual name--that is a big cat trainer for the circus. He was born in Mexico. I think Miss Doodle does wonderful paintings!!

Unknown said...

Pretty hilarious. At first, I was clueless of what you are talking about but as I read it again I did understand it. lol. I'm too slow.
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waikiki hotel said...

LOL never heard of bagel heads before, but I'm sure that they have this some kind of bagel-like injected on their foreheads.

Anonymous said...

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