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Friday, August 5, 2011

Movin' movin' movin"

Cartons everywhere. Miss Doodle has moved. For the 16th time or so. Which is not so much compared to other people, but enough for Miss Doodle. She likes to settle into a new place, looking for new solutions, improvising with space and shape. But it's not easy, all those cartons and the apartment doesn't have much storage place yet. But it is charming. The cats are happy too. There's a round staircase and they love sitting high above looking down. Like lions.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Miss doodle.. welcome back. I hope this is the last move for you. What a pain, but you do keep things cleaned out this way. :) Glad the cats are doing good.

Jessie said...

Lovely to see Miss Doodle! It's been a while!xx

sukipoet said...

oh my gosh. you mean moving since the last notice of being across from a little private island???

i hope this move is the last for awhile. poor miss doodle. she cant find her outfits for August heat.

two cats!! Oscar and ???? Let's meet them. I miss Oscar.

marigaz said...

Je me languissais de Miss Doodle. Je suis heureuse de la revoir ici, en forme !! Bon emménagement ;-)

ParisMaddy said...

your drawings are delightful. good luck with the move. i've moved about a million times (slight exaggeration)
and it never gets easier.

web design ventura said...

Everyone's moving. Moving houses I guess you mean? Love your art! So beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing this one!