Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday, December 12th, 2008 - Who gives credit to the poor?

Miss Doodle, looking at the billboards on her daily trip through Paris Underground wonders:
Who gives credit to the poor?

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Kim said...

Miss Doodle, you ask some really hard questions here. Asking questions sometimes bring important points to the fore. The poor in this country seem to be getting poorer, too. I hope that soon changes. There are places here where basic needs can be met if an individual chooses, but that is just it the very basic of needs.

Credit? Well, we can see where that leads when credit is offered and the means for paying is not there. Everyone looses. I just saw where the average household dept has DECREASED for the first time in 50 years in the US...but look what it took for that to happen.

Maybe what the poor need is not credit, but those with the means to care enough to help. Right?

You are a good advocate, Miss Doodle. Is is such a pleasure to know you and your secretary.


sukipoet said...

Miss doodle, you are at the forefront on probing difficult matters. The world has certainly gotten in a mess around credit and yet there are a few things one needs to buy on credit like a house or car. But the poor, ? What is the solution? So many unable to meet their basic needs. So many others swimming in multi-millions.

Clevelandgirlie said...

My dad taught me about credit when I was very young. He never had a car loan, never had a credit card. Always paid cash for everything. He is very successful.
He taught me that food, shelter, heat and clothing - the basic necessities we must have - everything else is unnecessary and if you desire things that are "unnecessary" that's ok, it's nice to have luxuries. However - if you can't pay for it NOW - you can't afford it and shouldn't buy it. The Best advice I have ever been given.

kj said...

with this post i now know i am going to love your blog and visiting you. i hope i may offer you something in return.

great question, miss doodle. and great illustrative point.


human being said...

who is more human than a human caring for humans?
love to you....