Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday july 2nd, 2008 - Miss Doodle Disciple of Pop Art

Homage à Andy Warhol N°5

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Andrea and Kim said...

These are really very fabulous! I love the way you have accomplished this homage to AW in a way which is very much your own! I love this so much!

Really Great Work!

Miss Doodle, you and your secretary really get around!

sukipoet said...

Great pages. I love the collage feel to them. And the colors. The words. I think I saw a movie about Warhol, which went back to ???and talked to his relatives there and kind of traced some of his early life. I don't recall much except for seeing his relatives who were very down to earth yet so excited when their famous brother/cousin returned home to visit.

Paula In Pinetop said...

These colors are really great and I get a lot of movement on these pages.

Unknown said...

Kim, thanks so much, I had fun to do this. Used two old pages of an old bad-smelling book my MIL once wanted to throw away, I kept it cause I love the yellowish-brownish, porous quality of the paper, and then painted some pages with watercolour. I guess three years ago. yesterday these pages fell into my hands again, I glued them into my special "Miss Doodle's experiments" Moleskine (in the meantime I have two different, no three different Moleskines going, LOL) with acrylic medium. The watercolour dissolved a little but it gave the whole thing the aspect I liked.
Oh, if the day only had more hours...
love and thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

Suki, this movie sounds interesting! I know that he was from POland and can imagine, that the people there were so proud of him.
I have this big catalague from a 1986 exhibition (in the US I think) which is such a great book and so very inspiring! I just love the guy's art!
have a great day, love, Andrea

Unknown said...

Paule, thanks for the comment, yes it is the movement I liked about these pages, that is why I could bring myself to throw these pages away (see my comment on Kim's comment:),
I love movement:)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Interesting technique. I dont know how you come up with so many ideas. But this is fun.
Does the book still smell musty? lol
I need to go check these out closer now.

Unknown said...

Cris, the book has disintegrated:) I just kept some pages I painted with watercolours, and two of them I glued into my sketchbook with acryclic medium and the draw on them.
Smell is gone, not like a skunk's smell, hanging around in the house, LOL