Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday July 23rd, 2008 - HOT!

Miss Doodle has a little more "substance" ( she even has a belly:)
here than usual,
this is to better show the cool outfits which were
especially designed for hot weather!

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Andrea and Kim said...

Ohh Dahling, you look as though you are heading to the South of your fine country! I love these so much...and dear, that is just a little peek at your mid-section! :)

It is HOT here these days to be sure. We are suppose to be getting some storms most of the day today, so I am hoping that means a bit of a cooling down.

sukipoet said...

Miss Doodle is tres elegant. I hope she has a great time on her vacation wearing her new wardrobe. At least, I hope her secretary is not leaving her behind in hot and humid Paris.

Peter J. Crowley said...

Ah she looks so cool in her summer designs. Love the belly lol. big thunder Storm here, so loud and so dark the street lights came on. i stood under a doorway and photographed the wind whipped rain.
enjoy pjc

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Miss doodle looks like she has her wardrobe all ready for the trip.
Does her secretary have hers ready to go?
It is nice here in Oregon. not to hot and not cold.
Perfect. wow. now thats something. :)

Katiejane said...

She does have a belly! And such a pretty one. I always knew it was in there. Good to see she put on a few pounds; she was much too thin! Love the sporty little capris and matching top (are they all the rage in France, too? They're EVERYWHERE here)and the Hot Day outfit! Just Devine!

human being said...

great looks... fabulous summer outfits... sure all eyes on you wherever you go...