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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Friday July 4th, 2008 - 4th of July Homage to Andy Warhol N° 6 - Miss Doodle's Basics

HOMAGE TO ANDY WARHOL N° 6 - Miss Doodle's Basics

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Peter J. Crowley said...

Good Miss Doodle,
Here is a link to Max's Kansas City, a haven for Andy Warhol across the Street from "The Factory"
enjoy pjc

Cestandrea said...

Peter, I learn so much here, thanks so much for this link, as I was thinking about which Artist to choose next for Miss Doodle's Pop art homage, this is great research...And so interesting to read about this period and the artist and those who helped them getting along...thanks!

Cris in Oregon said...

Very good. Is this the contents on your dressing table Miss Doodle?

Clevelandgirlie said...

Ms. Doodle's essentials look rather like mine - very basic. Perfume, a lipstick and cream.
I always tell Sabrina - "if people can tell you have it on -- then you have on too much!" Cheers to the natural beauty of Ms. Doodle (and her secretary).

Clevelandgirlie said...

P.S. -- Ms. Doodle -- I do think you should research and experiment via "Peter Max" pop art style. Oh the colors, the flourish -- and his universal message of LOVE -- it would go quite nicely with your talents I believe.

marianne said...

Oh this looks great, wish it was the content of my bag. So sophisticated!
hug >M<

sukipoet said...

I agree with Marianne. I have nothing like this in either my purse or on my bureau. However, I do have packed away a compact collection. I alos love perfume bottles. I also don't know what the rectangular box is in the middle. Anyway it all seems sophisticated and Parisian to me.

Kim said...

Ohh, Miss Doodle...all the tools of your trade!

I love this drawing a lot! The composition is so wonderful and the colors great fun. What woman wouldn't love this nearby - even if she doesn't use them each day! :)

Thanks Miss Doodle!

Hopper said...

Hey Miss Doodle... looks like a x-rax from the airport in some ways... though that's not what I'd carry ;)

funny story... the last plane I tried to get on here in Canada... was on my way out to Vancouver... checked my luggage and walked throught he security check... and do you know what I'd left in my backpack??? A HUGE KNIFE!!! I'd been camping the week before and I'd totally forgotten it was there... it slipped my mind!!! the guy who saw it on the x-ray and took my stuff aside and called me over... he took it out and sort of looked at me... I said "oh shit... I never meant to take that through here..." luckily he believed me and let me on the plane... I lost the knife though... that was pretty dumb in retrospect... don't guess Miss doodle would have those kind of problems from what she seems to carry as necessities!

see ya soon andrea!

human being said...

oh the colorful background makes these basics very "essential"...
lovely painting...