Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday June 3rd, 2008 - At the butcher's

Watch out, if you are not used to french markets, this is what you see at the butcher's stand:)

Sauerkraut with spareribs, Frankfurter and Strasburger sausages, rabbits with their heads on, Capons and chicken with their heads and some feathers on, Quails with no head, steaks and very bloody livers of beef, porc to roast....and a mostly beefy butcher.

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Katiejane said...

This is cute. We have a butcher shop near us, and a couple of times, a cow that was being transported to this location escaped and got loose in the city, (well, country, as I don't actually live IN the city.)
They were both captured, well one was captured. The most recent one was so adamant about not going to the butcher, that he had to be shot. I feel sorry for all the little critters, but yet I am not vegan.

Andrea and Kim said...

Miss Doodle, this is just like the French Markets I remember. Well, European Markets. I remember the shock when I first saw this...Americans are very protected. I think it is good, though, that even in the cities people understand just where their food comes from. I grew up on a farm, so it is no surprise. I do eat fish, but normally not other flesh.

My funny flesh story is when we lived in England I had a traditional American Thanksgiving for our friends. I could not get a fresh turkey that early in the year, so I had to purchase a frozen one. When I got up in the morning to put the thawed turkey on to cook, I opened it up to feet and feathers! I was shocked...completely shocked and unprepared to deal with it all! Now things do not shock me so much!

Thanks, Miss Doodle and your secretary, for these memories. I love the secretary's painting...it is fantastic!

Unknown said...

Katie Jane, oh those poor things, I guess I'd have to move away...Guess I'm like Miss Doodle I eat meat, but I avoid it...I like eating rabbit cooked as a wonderful stew with thymian and potatoes, but oh my, to know that you have to slaughter the poor thing before....Is this hypocrite?(sorry, I'm not giving very nice imaginations here...)

Unknown said...

Kim thanks for this story about you and the turkey with his feet and feathers still on! It was on the news here in France the other day that in the US the food industry dips their chicken into the strongest antibacterial sauce, and Europeans do not want this kind of treated meet allowed in their countries. I must say that I prefer the chicken on the market,preferably from a real farm where it could walk on earth:) exposed to the air and perhaps some bakteries...But it is all a question of habit, isn't it?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. this is a great drawing.
I dont think I would fare to well visiting one of these but it is a wonderful work of art you did.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Euuuuuuu.. I just read your comment Miss Secretary about the dipping of chickens here in US. That is our main meat we eat. I need to check that out. Euuuuuu

human being said...

what a scene... Miss Doodle you are so brave to step in such a dreary place...
i usually avoid butcher's..
chicken, ha?

K.C. said...

What a cute and wonderful talent you have. You completely captured the essence of the French market... KC