Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday June 17th, 2008 - Miss Doodle and Phot'Art

Miss Doodle and her secretary are very happy today and honoured to share the following with you:

You remember Miss Doodle's trip as a photographic journalist to New York? This is a wonderful day and a great day for Miss Doodle. She has her first publication in the international trimestrial Photomagazin Phot'Art! - N)10, which is all about NEW YORK and it's artists.

The Magazine is bilingual (English/French), the paper and such the rendition of the photos are exceptional and the articles about the photographers and their art very interesting.

The cover photo is by Lynn Bianchi, inside there are more fascinating photos of this NY artist, as well as many others, you can see the summery on the page hereunder. If you have the opportunity to get this magazin (the distributors are mentioned on their website) , you will not regret it if you love inspirational and astonishing photography and great articles.

click to open

Copyright ©estandrea and Phot'Art international- All rights reserved

Miss Doodle and her secretary are taking a break, they will definitely be back on FRIDAY:)


AnneJeu said...

Congratulations!!! That's great!!!!

Unknown said...

annette, thanks so much for stopping by and the congratulations:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Congratulations! You have worked so hard for this and so deserve this moment!

You look so lovely, Miss Doodle, on the pages of this very artistic magazine. I know it was a lot of hard work for everyone to get to this place, but is sure sounds as though it has paid off!

Tres Bon!

sukipoet said...

Very nice pictures and layout at the top of the page. Miss Doodle and you must have glasses of champagne to celebrate. Have one for me. Be well, Suki

Unknown said...

Kim and Suki, thanks so much for your support, and shall we have that bottle of Champagne together now?:)

Lynn Cohen said...

Wow, Andrea, this is Wonderful!!! Bravo...something started so recently and already in PRINT, PUBLISHED, in such a terrific mag.
So happy for you. Where does it give you credit? I can't find your name unless just signed on the drawings??? Is there more? Where does she go next????????
Big things are coming to you now.
So exciting...Yippie. Guten, guten, guten, bon, bon bon!!! ;-)
MAZOL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrea said...

Congratulations! (and what a great magazine)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

wow congrats.. you got your blog listed right under the drawings. People will go look and well Miss Doodle will be going places.. I am so tickled for you and to think we were here in the begining of it all.
I think she showed up well in the magazine too. the ink and all was great.
A big congrats again. My 'Sheep' are in famous company now. :):):)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Great news. But you where allready international going? Now please, dont forget about us, when you'r becoming a star.
So happy for you.

Katiejane said...

Congratulations, Miss Doodle, you've made the Big Time!! How wonderful for you and especially your hard working secretary. You should be proud, we all are!

Peter J. Crowley said...

Very Cool, congratulations Miss Doodle. Next time you are in NY you should come visit me in Connecticut only 90 mins or so by train. You could model for me. enjoy pjc

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Lynn:) thanks so much for your joy, which makes us even more happy:) To anwser your question, the illustration has only the miss doodle link on it, I hope that curious people who like the illustration can bring up the energy to type the link in their computer (if theyhave one:)
It is a good beginning for Miss Doodle, a nice thing to mention on her "résumé", thanks again for you sweet comments always,

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

thanks so much and yes, it is a great magazine. What I specially like about it is that there is very little advertizing and that so many different styles of photography are presented. Sometimes it can be experimental digital photography which looks like paintings, side by side with traditional wonderful landscape pictures.
Thanks again for visiting,

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Cris, I think you are right, the qualitiy of the print is quite nice, it came out a bit darker and I thought it was a rather "heavy" image with regard to it's size, but all in all I'm very satisfied, also with the page they put it on.
The sheep send you their greetings määäe!

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Martine:) how can I forget you and your whimsical art and comments?:)
Miss Doodle will soon be back with more adventures and surprises for everyone:)

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Katie, thanks so much for your comment:) Miss Doodle has to thank every one of you because her motivation is the people who like her:) I hope this little adventure will help her to step forward in the world of illustration,
thanks again and have a great day,

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Peter, thanks for visiting, and for the nice proposition:) last time Miss Doodle's NY reportage was based on a virtual visit, but next time, it will be for real, and watch out, she'll knock on your door!
And YOU could model for her, no? :)That beard really is something....!

Sue Bleiweiss said...


Cathie said...

Squeeeeeeeeeee! We are so happy for you Andrea (and Ms. Doodle!) We knew it - we just knew it!
Bravo!!! Now the world can experience the joy Ms. Doodle brings to everyone who meets. her.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miss Doodle!! This must be the start of great things to come - and you deserve it.

Unknown said...

Cathieeeeeeeeeee, thanks for your sweet comment and your great support, you have seen the birth of Miss Doodle, haven't you:)
love to you and Sabrina de Bleu!

Unknown said...

Laura, thanks so much for visiting and for your comment:) Miss Doodle is sitting on her cloud, looking at us:)

Anonymous said...

oh my word.... that is all i can say! i am sooo extremely happy for you (and a little jealous too... hehehe) i always knew this would happen for you ......


love----- your american friend

Sabrina de bleu!!!

Unknown said...

Sabrina Dear! :)
How lovely your comment is:) And don't be jealous, your hour of glory will come soon (again I might say)
much love to you from Paris in the sun

Wurzerl said...

Ich glaubs nicht?!?!?! Am selben Tag passiert uns wieder etwas ähnliches!!
(Wobei ich die Qualität Deiner Veröffentlichung um Welten höher einschätze)
Gratuliere Dir ganz herzlich zu dieser großartigen Geschichte. Das hast Du absolut verdient!!!

Ganz liebe oberbegeisterte Grüße
vom wurzerlbewachenden Wurzerl

marianne said...

Congratulations Andrea!!!!!!
Isn't this exciting! Is is for sale in Europe?
I0ll go to Chicago the 10th f july maybe I can buy it there? I will certainly keep my eyes open for it.
Ein prosit! I'll join with the champagne........
love >M<

Corryna said...

Congratulations! This is really great. You are becoming quite famous :-). Everybody loves Miss Doodle!


Peter J. Crowley said...

I would be honored to pose for for you Miss Doodle. enjoy pjc

A Brush with Color said...

Wow--congratulations to you! You deserve it! I love your art work--it's so light and whimsical and lovely.

human being said...

so happy for you, Andrea.
very nice artistic photos;
you really deserve it all.

love to you.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Oh fantastic!!! Congratulations. So well deserved!! I'm very happy for you.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your great comments on this event which is only a sandcorn in the desert:) I love to communicate with you through Miss Doodle and the Metroheads and through your blogs, which brighten my day and are great inspiration,