Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jeudi 12, 2008 - Miss Doodle, practising colourful silence

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Kim said...

Miss Doodle, you are a wise woman! I love colorful silence...I am going to make a sign to remind myself how important that is in life.

I adore your outfits with the beautiful, subtle details! I have a hard time choosing a favorite, but I am drawn to the blue one as well as the skirt with the violet, orange and pink...a glorious combination!

You are an inspiration to us all, Miss Doodle...and don't forget to honor your secretary each day! :)

Thank You

Cris in Oregon said...

Who needs to speak with all this beautiful color going on. It speaks for itself. :)
Wonderful outfits Miss Doodle. You are a beautiful vision in color.

human being said...

Cris is right... how this silence talks beautifully through these forms and colors...

Sylvia C. said...

Beautiful doodles.

I truly need to practice the art of content silence.

My silences are typically too gloomy.

It's a shear pleasure to meet you Andrea, and I do hope we can stay in touch!

Sylvia C.

Paula said...

Look at all that color !

I'm in silence ~ AWE ~ speechless at the vision before me.

sukipoet said...

Miss Doodle, I just love it that you are practicing silence with such joy. Changing your outfit several times a day. Peace, Suki