Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miss Doodle in NYC - Street Art on Lafayette Street

Miss Doodle roaming the streets of New York City. Today her photographic subject is street art.

Miss Doodle schlendert durch New York City. Ihr Photothema heute: Strassenkunst!

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Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Loving this NY visit. Another winner Miss Doodles Secretary!!

human being said...

Oh yes, Miss doodle, street art tells us a lot about people.

Beautiful things you've hunted by your camera-pen-brush.

Jill Smith said...

love the picture's Miss Doodle fantastic and l love street art but they do no allow it in the UK wish they did as it gives arty kids something to do,

sukipoet said...

I dont think they allow it in the USA either. IE: I think if you are caught you can get fined or arrested.

This is cool Miss Doodle. You can do a book on the less traveled pathways in NYCity. Do you know of Basquiat? The street artist who became a fine artist, now deceased.

Andrea and Kim said...

Miss D, you are finding some wonderful things in the city! Photographing street art is great! I know there is some fun stuff in Paris, you are really in tune to this aspect of NYC.

Your secretary really has a ton of talent to help you tell your story!