Friday, April 18, 2008

Miss Doodle at Spring's Gate

Flowers for my friends
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sukipoet said...

Ohhhh Miss Doodles. Thank you for the lovely flowers. You look like you are in heaven. Lovely painting, Ms. Secretary. I wonder if they still sell flowers everywhere from little sidewalk carts in Paris. They used to do this in San Francisco and I love it so. Have a happy weekend.

Jon said...

saw some graffiti the other night that made me think of you... check it out:

Unknown said...

Suki, unfortunately I haven't seen flower carts here, sniff, but there are lots of beautiful flower shops, some specialized in roses, others in japanese-like arrangement etc, very nice too.
Should I start a flower cart business? In another life I will do that. And dress like Miss Doodle, this should work, don't you think:) Oh I could make a drawing like that, wow, thanks so much for the idea you are a doll,
the secretary

Unknown said...

Hopper, I went there, oh is this beautiful! I love the graffity, have never seen one like this! And, as I said to you, to me she looks like a mixture of Cruelle de Vil and Miss Doodle. I'll read you cat poem to Oscar tonight! He will fall in love with Cinnamon:)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Miss Doodle looks lovely today.
Thanks for the flowers...How sweet!

human being said...

here walks
an angel
through the gate of paradise
to visit
some souls
on the earth...
to give them each

Genie said...

Thankyou Miss Doodles and Andrea

Anonymous said...

lovely indeed !

Katiejane said...

Yes, do make a drawing like that! I love this one, though. Very pretty.

Lynn Cohen said...

This is such a pretty picture!
Love the feel of it. Spring in the air for sure. Just delightful.

Cathie said...

Why Miss Doodle -- your bouquet is almost as big as you are!!! Lovely!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Miss Doodle! These are the second bouquet of flowers I have received today! Thank you so much! You are so very beautiful there at the gate of spring!

Andrea! This is an incredible painting! Absolutely beautiful...another one for your shop?