Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7th, 2008 - A big stickpeople model ?

Miss Doodle and her secretary were in a tight spot this week.

On Wednesday Miss Doodle told her secretary that she wanted to organize a fashion show with big models because she has had enough of thin models and now wanted to honour big people.

The secretary buckled to work immediately. She looked into her casting files and saw that there were only very thin stickpeople models. She isn't afraid of anything when it comes to drawing, so she sat down in her studio and worked on her idea, "a big stickpeople model". Easy, she thought. I just have to draw it, work on the details and then present the finished drawing to Miss Doodle.

Here are some of the sheets:

On the left you can see Miss Doodle in front of pictures taken on a show a day before. On the right side in the background you can see the secretary's first draft of big model. But, said Miss Doodle, this isn't a stickpeople model. Ok, thought the secretary, so, let's do better. What if I draw a big model and give it stick-arms and stick-legs? Then it should belong to the stickpeople.

Said and done, this is what it looks like. Far too childish, said Miss Doodle, I want a woman and not a child.

Ok, ok.... Well, this one is better. Hmmm......thought the secretary, I will name her Poppy. She looks nice, big and nice. But the sticklegs and stickarms do not fit with the rest, do they, said Miss Doodle. Look at her!

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Miss Doodle was right. As always. The secretary finally had to admit that this was a dead-end. Well, when caught in a creative process, you say, this happens...
You cannot draw big people with nothing on their arm- and legbones.
So Miss Doodle and the secretary decided to keep the idea of a fashion show for big models in mind, but to organize things in a different way! And they already have a idea:)


Anonymous said...

Miss Doodle, trust you to come up with the wonderful idea of honouring big people! I shall support it all the way seeing that I have spent 15 years evolving from being waiflike to being big. Tell your secretary that she is almost there with her drawings.

human being said...

Miss Doodle, the idea to have a fashion show for big stickpeople is soooooo goooood!
Think you are a bit hard on your creative secretary, for her models are fabulous. I loved those big stick people with stick hands and legs.

San said...

It may have halted at a dead end, but what a delightful journey getting there, Miss Doodle!

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, Miss Doodle, I kind of also liked your secretary's big stick people...maybe they could be log people rather than stick people :) The idea of honoring big people is a stupendous idea, too. Do you know what else I think? I think you could not have come up with your new idea if you had not exhausted your original one. You know?

In reality, these are really quite wonderful drawings, maybe just not the ones you were thinking about! Some of those women look like me and I am vain enough to love that idea...others look like my mother! :)

Keep up the great work!

Paula In Pinetop said...

So check out "Rosa" over at my place, she was my big model. She is available to work for you anytime !!!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

hmmm well that is a challenge but I know that you will rise to it!

Mary Richmond said...

too cute--you're having way too much fun with these (if such a thing were possible!)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

yqpmmtWell they say..Practice makes perfect. and I cant wait to see that idea percolating in your brain. Good idea for this Miss Doodle and Secretary. These look great tho.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh and yes you ARE having way to much fun here. LOL

Wurzerl said...

"Miss Doodle und die Leichtigkeit des Seins"!!!
Miss Doodle stellt mit ihren duftigen Frühlingsfarben alle Impressionisten in die Ecke.
Was für eine erstaunliche Miss!!!
Liebe Andrea ich wünsche Dir und der Miss ein wunderschönes Wochenende

soulbrush said...

miss doodle is lucky she has such a good secretary, love those stick legs...cute...just plain cute the whole idea.

Karen Smithey said...

I like Poppy--the stick arms/legs seem to work fine, I think. But of course, it's all up to Miss Doodle.

I have to tell you--I think that Miss Doodle needs to start working on a book. Her secretary can help her, and all of us out here in the ether will cheer them on!

Lynn Cohen said...

How nice that you want to include "big people" too in your line of fashion. And people of color are also involved. I like that as well. I think a little meat on their bones (sticks for arms and legs would be just fine) they would still fit into the storyline here. But I will wait patiently to see how you make it work.
Some of your larger clothes look like maternity clothes to me. Another line for your fashion show or another show all together?

Unknown said...

Miss Doodle would like to thank you so much for your input here which was needed and highly appreciated by both Miss Doodle and her secretary.
After a week of work on this challenge we think that it would be just fine to make a compromise which we will present to you later this evening:).

Lynette said...

Miss Doodle is wonderful and so is your imagination...I loved reading about Miss Doodle's Day, she made me smile and feel good!

Chris Bolmeier said...

The Miss Doodle story is very cute and interesting and clever. I like the way you actually explain your process through the story.

Anyway, I think that's what you were doing with the secretary story.

The possibilities are endless, I feel your talents will be recognized with Miss Doodle by some great publishers.
Take Care Andrea and be well.
take Care

Anonymous said...

Ik ben zoooooooooooooo benieuwd!
Means: i just can't wait.