Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3rd, 2008 - Miss Doodle and the Mars Models

This is Miss Doodle at the back of the stage during a fashion-show where she operated as a photographer. The models encouraged her to try on a couple of dresses which were too little for them... Miss Doodle complied and all the models gathered around her to have a look because they love tiny people.

You can hardly detect Miss Doodle, amid all these alien-looking girls...

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Mary Richmond said...

I see Miss Doodles shared your moment with models in her dreams as well! Nice drawings.

sukipoet said...

What an exciting time for Miss Doodles. When a MODEL thinks you are thin, man you must really be thin.!

I hope she's getting paid well for the photography gig.

I like the execution of this painting, with a sense of the abstract about it.

Happy Spring. Suki

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

How fun for Miss Doodle. She IS tiny isnt she? love the colors.

Andrea and Kim said...

Miss Doodle! You and your camera get around! Wow! I can imagine all the lovely things you get to see in Paris...and I bet you travel, too!

Oh, the clothes you were able to try on must have been so much fun! It is so nice to hear the models were kind to you...I have always thought they were probably really into themselves! It is the tiny part...what woman can not love something tiny and adorable as you.

You look so amazing there with all of the alien models!

human being said...

Miss Doodle, we can find you anywhere cuz you are not an alien... you are so close to our hearts.

Cathie said...

Miss Doodle lives the life every girl dreams of. And oh, to be that tall and thin!!!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Just getting caught up. Such fun to see all of Miss Doodles adventures. The models seem to have overwhelmed her a bit.
Ilove the next one too with the fashion show. I am just today worrying about what I will wear to my son's wedding in August after learning it is to be "black tie". Oy. LOL (so not me) Perhaps Miss Doddle will design me a dress.