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Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20th - Spring! Miss Doodle's Inspiration

click on the image to see the details... Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved


Laura said...

Can't help it - I have to comment again! Miss Doodle you are beautiful and so full of life!

Cris in Oregon said...

How cute this is. I was wondering what Miss Doodle was doing with bowls on her head till I realized they were birds. and Spring does seem to have tons of birds and flowers going for it. :)
I did a little ode to Spring with birds in it to. Happy first day of Spring Miss Doodle & Secretary. :)

Kim said...

Miss Doodle! A skirt of feathers and a headdress of colorful bird's nests! Oh, you are in the spirit of spring!

I love this painting...I love the colors, I love the fun, I love the message...the balance of life.

Thanks Andrea! Happy Spring!

Annica said...

Wonderful! Love this!
Happy Easter!

sukipoet said...

So imaginative. The bird hats remind me of a childrens book which is about hats, a man wearing lots of berets I think.

Mary Richmond said...

oh this is wonderful and joyful and yay! spring!!!

human being said...

Yes, Miss Doodle, you've got tons and tons of inspiration of all the colors in the world.
You color our world the way spring brings life and color to nature... Thanks.

guild-rez said...

...this is so pretty and I love your drawings.