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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12th, 2008 - Miss Doodle's Pets

Copyrights ©estandrea - All rights reserved Miss Doodle loves cats and dogs, but she also likes some other pets, little monsters. They have no hair but are very friendly, not creepy. There is the one called Hammerhead. The one with the bell on top of his head is Cloche-Art. Okay, I give you the name and characteristics of everyone:

1. (on top) Nick the square spider who lost a pair of legs on the battlefield,
2. Cloche Art, the buzzer - a bit unreliable though,
3. Slurpeye, he makes wonderful english breakfast!
4. Prong, loves to popp beerbottle caps for Miss Doodle,
5. Shiver Jim, is blue too and tends to overeat,
6. Baby Blue feeds on mites,
7. Hammerhead never worries,
8. Schlepp:) has ten legs and a lanky back.

Have a wonderful day, tomorrow you will hear about a dream Miss Doodle dreamed yesterday!


sukipoet said...

Miss Doodle's pets are a hootle. And i too send gratitude for miss D's giving a sandwich to the homeless man. AND listening to his complaints.

Cestandrea said...

Oh, Miss Doodle tries to share a bit of what she has when she can;)
Her pets help her.

Kim said...

Miss Doodle is the cream! She is just the best friend to the world! Even her pets create an incredible balance. What a lovely person.

Sue B said...

I had a feeling that Miss Doodle had a soft spot in her heart for all creatures whether they are great, small, hairy, fuzzy, 4 or 8 legged!

human being said...

All of them so cute...
Each has got a unique character ... marvelous...
From now on the fun increases .. Sure you have lots of adventures with these precious beings!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely Miss D - kudos for the sandwich gift and a listening ear.
She has some very groovy friends! :-)

I just can't keep up with you - how do you produce SO MUCH?!!! It is all so good too!!! I am overwhelmed!

Cris in Oregon said...

What a hoot Miss Doodle is. She is loved by all. :)

Lynn said...

Of course I like Schlepp best, a wonderful Yiddish word! (German too I imagine here?) What fun, these all made me smile loudly.

Forever Young said...

i wish i had a shlepp and a slurpeye, you lucky girl.