Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 21st, 2008 - Lunch with Sabrina de Bleu

Yesterday Miss Doodle met her beautiful friend Sabrina de Bleu . They had lunch in the "Bistro Parisien" not far from the Louvre, where they make nice "tarte à la tomate provençale" and all sorts of salads and the most delicious "crème caramel" you can find in Paris!

Sabrina de Bleu and Miss Doodle have a lot of things to share. Life, art, attitudes, joys and sorrows.

After lunch, a bit of window-shopping to take in the latest trends by CHANEL, and a walk to the "Pont des Arts" over the Seine river. There the two friends watched the famous "Bateaux-Mouches" and the funny little gulls before heading to the next metro station at Palais Royal where the accordeon man played beautifully Schuberts Ave Maria (the actual title is Ellens dritter Gesang) which gave them goosebumps. They agreed to meet again soon and then took off different directions.

The beautiful music accompanied them both on their way home .

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Sue Bleiweiss said...

What a lovely ladies day out they had. Lunch sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

i loooooovvvve this doodle. so cute. i am so touched you put me in your doodle. it is quite an honor to be friends with Miss Doodle(and you)


sukipoet said...

Oh what a delightful afternoon, Miss Doodle. And thank you for introducing your friend. To have all these pleasures at your doorstep, wonderous. Be well, Suki

Unknown said...

Sue, so glad you popped in here to look what Miss Doodle is up to!

Sabrina, it was a real pleasure introducing Sabrina de Bleu:)

Suki, Miss Doodle loves to share the pleasures at her doorsteps with you.

Unknown said...

Sabrina, BTW the little piece of paper with the bird and the title of the post was a reminder Miss Doodle had given to me (her secretary), so that I wouldn't forget to prepare the post!

human being said...

What a wonderful day with a friend...Good for you! music on your way home...mmmmmmm

human being said...

Oooops! and music..

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohhh, Miss Doodle and Sabrina de Bleu had a lovely day to be sure. I had a day almost the same when I was in Paris once! Really! Ohh, Miss Doodle how you take me back! I love these ones where you are doing so many fun things in Paris...and there are so many fun things to do there.

You, and Sabrina, have a very lovely day tomorrow, too!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh, and Sabrina...thank you for being such a good friend and advisor to Miss Doodle. I know she appreciates and cherishes every moment of your friendship. It shows in her face :)

Anonymous said...

Ah...Paris au printemps!

Les Musees, les bateaux mouches, le zoo, le bon pain....

What a wonderful day for Miss Doodle and her friend Sabrina :)
They should do that much more often.

When is Miss Doodle's book coming out?

Have a great day.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a day to be treasured. Memories in the making and recording it for all to share in.
I love it to when there are several events going on in one page. Nice to meet Miss Sabrina.

~Babs said...

What a very fun Blog!
Great to make your aquaintance,
Miss Doodle!


Mim said...

Lovely, just lovely drawings. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Miss Doodle and her friend Sabrina are very honoured that you followed their lovely day-story! Soon they will meet again and post a story about it here:)
MD's CR (Miss Doodle's Creative Secretary, thanks human being and Suki for the nice title)

Anonymous said...

hi andrea. lunch with Miss Doodle was such fun! i know I keep saying this but i wish she was real so we could really have lunch 2gether. i can't wait until our next adventure. maybe she could visit and we could go 2 the beach here in north carolina.
Sabrina de bleu